Welcome to Creating Sustainable Landscapes, LLC

Landscapes can be more than just beautiful. Because development has eliminated vast tracts of habitat, landscapes now must also be functional and sustainable. They can foster the abundance and serenity of nature by supporting birds, pollinators, butterflies, and other wildlife. Creating Sustainable Landscapes facilitates beauty and abundance in landscapes by using plants native to our region. Because native plants can tolerate sub-zero temperatures, summer heat, drought, and insect predation, all without ever needing to be watered, fertilized, and sprayed, they are a more sustainable solution for present day landscaping.

Our designs range from simple beds to whole landscapes for new construction.

Creating Sustainable Landscapes uses native plants in our perennial beds that will attract and support butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other wildlife.

Many of our clients are more inclined to adopt less formal designs for parts of or all of their property and, instead, utilize more informal natural plantings.

We have built nearly 40 rain gardens. Let us help you install this beautiful and highly effective functional solution to managing stormwater.

There are alternatives to resource hogging traditional lawns using species such as Buffalo Grass and other short prairie grasses.

Invasive plants outcompete native species because they have no predators. We are experienced in the removal of these destructive species.

Be Part of the Solution

In today’s world, with 95% of our land having been plowed, paved, or cut down, the frontlines of nature are now our front and backyards, school gardens, commercial properties, utility easements, parking lots, and road right-of-ways. Our plantings must now not just look good, but also do double duty to provide for pollinators, serve as a genetic reservoir for diversity, and clean our stormwater.

If you want to be part of the solution and do your part for nature by eliminating watering and chemicals, attracting myriad forms of beneficial wildlife including butterflies, hummingbirds, and pollinators, cleaning stormwater, and having a beautiful landscape, contact us.