Do you want your property to have it all?

  • Be more sustainable?
  • Eliminate the use of chemicals?
  • Eliminate the use of potable water?
  • Minimize the amount of effort to maintain your property?
  • Do your part for nature?
  • Attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other beneficial wildlife?
  • Look beautiful?
  • Save money on your landscaping?

With Creating Sustainable Landscapes, you can have it all!
Whether your property’s soil is clay or sand, wet or dry; whether you have full sun or shade, Creating Sustainable Landscapes can help you achieve all these goals using sound ecological principles, native plants, and aesthetic landscape designs.

Did You Know?

Native plants can tolerate sub-zero temperatures, summer heat, drought, and insect predation, all without ever needing to be watered, fertilized, and sprayed after establishment.

Therefore, we use native plants exclusively and choose species that evolved in the same conditions your property exhibits. If you have a sunny and sandy area, we will use species that evolved in those conditions. If you have wet clay in the shade, then we will use species that evolved there. That guarantees your plants will thrive with minimal effort after they are established.

Creating Sustainable Landscapes’ Services

  • Sustainable landscape consulting
  • Landscape design
  • Native landscape installation and maintenance
  • Invasive species removal
  • Education events for groups

We focus these activities toward building pollinator gardens, rain gardens, prairie gardens, buffalo grass lawns and other lawn alternatives, formal native perennial beds, and invasive species removal. See the services page for a more complete description of how we can help you.

Backyard Prairie Garden

Backyard Prairie Garden

Native Perennial Bed

Native Perennial Bed


Our mission is to save the planet one property at a time by helping landowners create habitat and better manage stormwater. Native landscapes require far less effort, resources, and cost to maintain after establishment making them a more sustainable alternative.

For More Information, Contact:

Drew Lathin at (734) 717-8000 or Send Email

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