Who doesn’t love the serenity of sitting by lake during a warm summer evening? The stillnesss of the air and water and the ability to take the long view across the lake. To “improve” conditions we removed vegetation to the shoreline and added lawn, and/or a seawall…along with everyone else in a kind of wave protection arms race. These conventional practices have resulted in 40% of Michigan’s inland lakes having poor shoreline habitat and eroding water quality because the natural buffer has been removed allowing more pollutants to enter the water.

Alternatively, there are natural shoreline practices that utilize bioengineering principles and native plants. These techniques can hold the shoreline and stop erosion because of the root systems of the plants. They better support habitat and biodiversity because the riparian buffer allows wildlife that moves from land to water and back easy access. They also help keep pollutants out such as lawn fertilizer because water is infiltrated into the ground before reaching the lake. And last, these practices are certainly more beautiful than a hardened steel or concrete seawall.

We have Michigan Natural Shoreline Certification and are listed on the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership webpage.

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Natural shoreline by Creating Sustainable LandscapesNatural Shoreline in Michigan with Native Plants and River
Natural shoreline landscaping
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