Plants from other ecoregions around the globe often become invasive because they did not evolve with our native flora and fauna and thus have no natural predators (insects, fungi, bacteria, etc.). Therefore, they outcompete native species for space, water, light, and nutrients. As a result, invasive species crowd out native species creating monocultures where wildlife cannot thrive.

Common flora invasive species in our area are Garlic Mustard, Dames Rocket, Common Buckthorn, Glossy Buckthorn, Black Locust, Honeysuckle, Autumn Olive, Multiflora Rose, Purple Loosestrife, Phragmites, Privet, Japanese Barberry, Oriental Bittersweet, Japanese Knotweed, and there are more. Each invasive species must be treated and removed at specific times of the year with methods that are effective for each. Methods we use to remove invasive species include pulling, cut stump treatment, basal bark application, hand wicking, and others. Unfortunately, the only way to eradicate many of these invasives is with the judicious use of herbicides because pulling, cutting, smothering, and burning are ineffective. Very little herbicide is required in most instances. We are licensed by the State of Michigan to safely and properly apply herbicides and we do this at the time of year when each particular invasive species is most vulnerable.

Invasive flora removal in Wayne County MI  Invasive flora species removal in Wayne County MI

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