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Snowy February Day Thoughts

I am sitting in my office on this snowy February day, provisions on board, seeing no need to slide around the roads. The snow is clean and quiet and I think about what a day like this 250 years ago was like before the time we made drastic modifications to our landscapes. I think a… Read more »

Don’t Cut Down Your Perennials

Leave up your perennials for the winter. Insects will overwinter in any that have hollow stems. The dense undercover provides places for things to hide. And leave up seed heads that are a source of food for birds.

The Beauty Behind Snags

Trees die all the time as a result of disease, lightning, fire, animal damage, too much shade, drought, root competition, as well as old age. Dead standing trees, called snags, are highly productive sources of habitat in natural areas and designed landscapes. In our desire to keep things neat and tidy, we usually cut these… Read more »