Our mission here at Creating Sustainable Landscapes is to reconnect people with nature while supporting local Michigan ecology. We do this by using native plants and ecological principles to create landscapes that are attractive to both people and wildlife. These landscapes mitigate erosion and flooding, improve soil quality, and support a wide diversity of pollinators, birds, and other animals. Since the inception of our company more than 10 years ago, we have been helping clients in the Brighton area to transform their landscapes with these values in mind. Our courteous and professional team is ready to take on any project whether it is large or small, commercial or residential. We work closely with our clients to create landscapes that go above and beyond their expectations. We replace lawns, install rain gardens, perennial beds, woodland gardens and more. We also provide natural area management services such as lakeshore restoration and invasive species removal. If you are interested in learning how we can bring nature to your doorstep, contact us today and we will get you scheduled for a free quote.