At Creating Sustainable Landscapes we have been serving the people of Canton Township and its surrounding areas since our company first formed over 10 years ago. We specialize in using native plants to design and install breath-taking gardens that are as ecologically functional as they are beautiful. Because we design our landscapes using ecological principles, they control erosion, improve soil quality, mitigate flooding, filter stormwater and support an abundance and diversity of pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. Moreover, our landscapes are robust to a range of environmental conditions and do not require water, fertilizer, or mulch after one season, making them very low-maintenance. Because native plants have evolved to thrive in all the conditions that occur here in southeast Michigan, we are able to create attractive and healthy gardens in any sunlight or soil conditions. And with our expert knowledge of landscape design, we are able to create landscapes that look modern, traditional, or naturalistic depending on the preferences of our client. In addition to designing and installing perennial beds, rain gardens, and lawn alternatives, we also provide natural land management such as invasive species removal and streambank and lakeshore restoration. We value listening closely to the individual needs of our client, whether residential or commercial, in order to produce a landscape that goes above and beyond their expectations.