Dexter is situated in between Mill Creek and the Huron river and has many well-loved parks and trails. These natural features make Dexter an iconic city in southeast Michigan where residents and visitors alike enjoy the serene beauty of plants, animals, and all aspects of nature. At Creating Sustainable Landscapes, we hope to help the people of the Dexter area continue to foster this connection with the environment by installing ecologically functional, low-maintenance landscapes that utilize native plants and natural stone features. Our sustainable landscapes provide a long list of benefits including erosion control, stormwater mitigation, and food and habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. Moreover, since we design our landscapes with plants that are naturally adapted to each site, our plantings do not require the input of fertilizer, water, or mulch after they have established over the first season they are installed. With years of experience designing landscapes using native plants, we are able to make native landscapes look modern, traditional, or naturalistic, and we listen closely to our clients in order to help create the landscape that is right for them. With years of experience managing natural areas, we are able to assist clients with invasive species removal, streambank stabilization, and converting their lawns to native prairies, whether the property is residential or commercial. Nature is one very special part of Dexter, and we hope to bring you closer to nature by bringing nature closer to you.