Not too far from our nursery and headquarters in Manchester, Saline is a charming city in southeast Michigan with historical import and a strong sense of community. Since our company was founded over a decade ago, we have been helping the residents of Saline and surrounding areas to install robust and awe-inspiring landscapes that require little or no maintenance. With our time-tested knowledge of native plants and landscape design, we are able to help a variety of clients from residential to commercial to create landscapes that are as beautiful as they are functional. The many benefits of using native plants in landscaping include supporting pollinators, birds, and other wildlife as well as effectively managing stormwater and erosion issues. Whether you are looking to install a rain garden, a classic cottage-style garden, or replace your yard with a native planting, our passionate and professional team is here to talk you through the process and install your landscape efficiently and effectively. Because the native plants of Michigan have adapted to grow in the myriad environmental contexts that are present here, we are able to produce gorgeous native plantings no matter what the site looks like, whether it has sun or shade, wet soil or dry soil. In such a walkable city as Saline, make your yard stand out with a truly unique and environmentally friendly landscape.