Walters Gardens is offering the new MONARCH Buddleia, a “royal” collection of butterfly-loving plants.


This is what is wrong with Big Horticulture. In its quest for profits, damned the consequences, they are trying to trick unknowing consumers into buying this increasingly invasive weed with by adding “Monarch” to the name.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of investing resources on breeding programs, they could produce wholesome plants that would actually help Monarchs and other butterfly species. But, their drive for profits makes the problem worse by breeding and selling this Monarch-useless invasive plant. Originally from China, Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) serves as a host plant for ZERO species of butterflies in the U.S. Put this weed next to some Milkweeds and the Monarchs will ignore it, preferring its native host plant for both nectar and laying eggs. 

Say “no” to this weed and plant Milkweed if you want to help Monarchs. Shame on you Walters Gardens and any other weed-pushing grower or nursery that uses innuendo to sell useless and harmful products. What’s the difference between you and Big Oil?

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