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First Year Prairie Planting

End of first year prairie planting I am doing on my neighbor’s property, gratis. There are nearly 4 acres back there, this is his back forty, and I get to play with 2k sq ft. Like first year prairie plantings, it looks like a weedy mess due to weed control which is to keep it… Read more »

Fall Prairie Seeding

This quarter acre was seeded today for a wet prairie planting. Over the summer I killed the grass and fall sowings are best for seed germination in the spring. Seed is mixed with potting soil to bulk it up so an even sowing is possible.

Prairies and Allergies

  In which picture is there more airborne pollen? Yes, this is a trick question. I have been reading comments on my post from a couple weeks ago about lawn versus prairie and several people have noted that allergies might prevent some from planting prairie. Here are the facts and you cannot trust antihistamine commercials… Read more »