Category: Climate Change

Snowy February Day Thoughts

I am sitting in my office on this snowy February day, provisions on board, seeing no need to slide around the roads. The snow is clean and quiet and I think about what a day like this 250 years ago was like before the time we made drastic modifications to our landscapes. I think a… Read more »

Cold Winters and Climate Change

For those who cite our cold Midwest winter as so-called evidence of there being no climate change, consider this. More than 20 weather stations in the west saw their WARMEST winters on record including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, Oregon. As cold as it was in the east, it was… Read more »

Increased Snow Cover Doesn’t Mean a New Ice Age

There’s a great deal of snow cover across the U.S. But before you think we’re headed to the next ice age, take a look at maps that show areas of the planet that are above and below normal this winter. Again, for the second year in a row, the eastern U.S. is among the vast… Read more »