Category: Invasive Species

Say “No” to Weeds by Big Horticulture

Walters Gardens is offering the new MONARCH Buddleia, a “royal” collection of butterfly-loving plants. NO, NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!! This is what is wrong with Big Horticulture. In its quest for profits, damned the consequences, they are trying to trick unknowing consumers into buying this increasingly invasive weed with by adding “Monarch” to the name. Nothing… Read more »

Roundup – Villain or Useful Tool?

In my post Monday, I wrote about eliminating invasive shrubs and the use of Roundup as an essential tool. I’m sure that raised some eyebrows among you given the bad press Roundup has received in recent years and the emotion it elicits. So, I thought I would spend a little time and share my thoughts about… Read more »

Winter Invasive Species Removal

You might think that winter is a dead period in which no outside work can be done. While this is true for the most part, there is one winter activity that can be performed and that is the removal of invasive shrubs. In our area, the most common invasive shrubs are Common Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica),… Read more »