Classes, Week of May 3

Next week’s speaking and teaching schedule. Please share widely. Sustainable Landscaping, Monday, 5/4, 6:30, Dearborn Community Educations. Sustainable Landscaping, Tuesday, 5/5, 6:30 Northville Community Educations. Rain Gardens, Wednesday, 5/6, 7:00, Chelsea Community Education. Sustainable Landscaping, Thursday, 5/7, 7:00, Birmingham Community Education.

Next Week’s Classes – Week of April 19

Next week’s classes. Please share widely. Sustainable Landscaping – Chelsea Community Education, Monday, April 20, 7pm. Rain Gardens – Plymouth-Canton Community Education, Tuesday, April 21, 6:30pm. Sustainable Landscaping – Saline Community Education, Wednesday, April 22, 7pm. Sustainable Landscaping – Walled Lake Community Education, Thursday, April 23, 7pm.

Talks and Classes, Week of April 12, 2015

Next week’s talks and classes: 4/14, 7 pm, Dexter Garden Club. “The Beauty of Native Plants: Their Function in Supporting Wildlife in Urban and Suburban Landscapes”. 4/15, 6:30 pm, Plymouth Canton Community Education. Sustainable Landscaping. 4/16, 7 pm, Dexter Public Library. “The Beauty of Native Plants: Their Function in Supporting Wildlife in Urban and Suburban… Read more »

Speaking Schedule, Week of April 5

Next week’s talk schedule: Ann Arbor Wild Ones, Wednesday, April 8 at 6:45 at¬†Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum. I’ll be talking about formal landscaping with native plants.

2nd Warmest February on Record

Only the eastern US, far southern Europe, and northern Africa were below average in February. The rest of the world was above average making February the second warmest on record. Alaska, Asia, and parts of the US west coast were as much as 15 degrees F above the 1951-1980 average, helping make the March 2014… Read more »

Native Perennials Springing to Life

Here are some pictures I took of native perennials springing to life just after the snow has melted. I often get asked, “What did you lose this past winter?” and my response is always the same. “Nothing.” These babies can handle our winters and have done so for the past 10,000 years or so.

Cold Winters and Climate Change

For those who cite our cold Midwest winter as so-called evidence of there being no climate change, consider this. More than 20 weather stations in the west saw their WARMEST winters on record including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, Oregon. As cold as it was in the east, it was… Read more »

Prairies and Allergies

¬† In which picture is there more airborne pollen? Yes, this is a trick question. I have been reading comments on my post from a couple weeks ago about lawn versus prairie and several people have noted that allergies might prevent some from planting prairie. Here are the facts and you cannot trust antihistamine commercials… Read more »